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Spy War between China and Japan

Posted July. 28, 2003 21:44,   


China is becoming wary of the elevated intelligence activities by the Japanese Self-defense Forces.

"Japan is engaged in an all-out intelligence activity on China, North and South Korea, and Russia, using cutting-edge intelligence devices, and its military officials at embassies and even private companies," reported a Chinese newspaper on Sunday.

The newspaper alleged that Japan conducts a close surveillance on China and North Korea with its two military satellites, which were shot up into the orbit in March. The satellites, according to the newspaper, orbit the earth 400-600km above the surface of the earth.

One of the satellites has an in-built optical lens, which can record, during the day, an object of 1m in size. The other one conducts a special mission of recording targets during the night or under bad weather with its infrared devices.

Japan plans to shoot up two more military satellites and construct a satellite command in Australia to build a comprehensive spy network covering Northeast Asia.

Following the Untied States, Japan is top second "marine power" in the world. Using its 100 P-3C`s and MH-53`s, the Japanese military monitors not only the coast of China and the normal fishing boats.

The newspaper explained that the recent interception by two Chinese jet fighters of two Japanese P-3C`s was part of Chinese efforts to prevent the frequent reconnaissance missions by the Japanese military.

Japan now operates six radar bases. Especially in Kagoshima, Japan has a giant radar, which can wiretap communication occurring 1,000km apart.

Last October, a Japanese military attaché was expelled from China for espionage charge. He was apprehended while recording a Chinese naval base.

Yoo-Sung Hwang yshwang@donga.com