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Minister Kang`s Makes Remarks On Prosecution’` Task

Posted July. 04, 2003 21:58,   


Minister of Justice Kang Geum-sil made some statements concerning exterior inspection of the prosecution. “We will go through various opinions since interior inspection is important, as well.” Minister Kang clarified at a press briefing following her visit to Incheon`s local prosecutor`s office. She implied that exterior inspection is currently on the drawing board in the legal reform sphere, though there hasn’t been any detailed confirmation yet.

She also mentioned the ongoing illegal strike. “It is natural to strictly enforce the law to all illegal group actions including labor disputes,” and said that there is a need to prepare detailed standards according to the range and level of government authority.

In relation to the special prosecutor`s investigation for remittance of money to North Korea, she said that the truth should be uncovered, and the case will be examined more closely and treated carefully once the prosecution gets the opportunity to start the investigation.

Minister Kang has been in office now approximately four months, and is drawing public interest with an e-mail she sent to all 1400 prosecutors around the nation which contained her different points of view of the prosecution.

The letter started with “Dear Fellow Prosecutors, I am Kang Geum-sil from the Ministry of Justice.” The letter then stated her thoughts on the prosecution.

Minister Kang wrote in the letter that she felt connected to prosecutor`s around the nation working for the Ministry of Justice, and wished that she too were one of them.

“The profession of being a prosecutor seems to me closest to purity. If there is anything left for me to do, it would be to devote myself to protect that purity.” She also compared the job of prosecutors to that of ‘snowmen’, which melt quickly in harsh sunlight.

A prosecutor in Seoul said that he “felt somewhat ‘refreshed’ to read the Minister’s letter. I feel good that she has started to show a positive view towards the prosecution.”

However, one local superintendent public prosecutor said that consideration for the prosecution should be presented with action rather than words. He indicated that “this type of emotional exposure may have exposed the minister’s soft spot.”

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