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[Editorial] Chong Wae Dae Lacks Sense of Duty

Posted June. 25, 2003 21:58,   


Eleven officials and secretaries working at Chong Wae Dae reportedly took a trip around the Saemangeum Embankment aboard a firefighter helicopter with their families, an incident proving the lack of public service mind at Chong Wae Dae. The same goes to President Roh`s private meeting with Ahn Hee-jung, who was indicted for his involvement in Nara Finance scandal.

How could families of public servants board on a firefighter helicopter purchased and maintained by people`s tax money? They must have little sense of duty, especially given the fact that they took their families to the tour like a family picnic.

What would the public think of Chong Wae Dae, watching this absurd incident? Chong Wae Dae even tried to keep mum on the issue until the press dealt with the incident, inviting suspicions about its honesty. It might have more things to cover up and that could be why Chong Wae Dae is so antagonistic to the press.

Did President Roh really have to meet with Ahn at Chong Wae Dae? Although he is his close associate, the president should not have invited the man presently involved in a court case. It is reported that presidential secretaries even asked the president to `be nice to Hee-jung.` Sense of duty as public servants are hard to find among secretaries as well as president himself.

In less than four months since Roh took office, Chong Wae Dae has repeatedly invited criticism for its lack of sense of duty. When the president, who was during his visit to U.S., called Chong Wae Dae to be reported on freight workers` strike, he could not be put through because officials on night duty were sleeping.

Only few days ago, a photographer working at Chong Wae Dae mistakenly revealed the face of a high-ranking intelligence officer over an Internet newspaper. While it is in such disarray, Chong Wae Dae will find it hard to bring order to the public servant community.

President Roh and his secretaries then must take some time to think why these things continue to happen. It might be because of the immature attempts to shake off authoritarianism and the amateurism prevailing among presidential secretaries.