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Kim Young-wan Led Police to Arrest of Robbers

Posted June. 24, 2003 21:51,   


A couple of days ago, the public got to know that seven robbers burglarized Kim Young-wan`s house and took away with 10 billion in total. Kim is suspected of having money-laundered the 15-billion bribe Park Ji-won took from Hyundai. Another episode became known yesterday. It was Kim who tipped off the police about the whereabouts of the robbers, which led to their arrest. At the time of the arrest, they were trying to negotiate the CDs they had stolen from Kim`s house.

Keeping track of whereabouts of instruments like bonds and CDs is almost impossible in South Korea even to the bankers and financial specialists. Therefore, people are wondering how he could successfully keep track of his stolen instruments. Also in question is the source and nature of the fund.

"We were not able to make any progress at all. Kim would not give us a bit of the information about the instruments. How could we track down on the CDs? 26 days after the burglary, Kim suddenly called us and told us the whereabouts of the robbers," confirmed yesterday Lt. Detective Lee Kyung-jae of the West Gate Police Station, who investigated the burglary case.

"Even the police do not know what`s going on in the bond market. It`s sort of watertight to the outsiders. Without Kim`s help, we would have caught none of them," Lee said.

The Dong-A Ilbo got to know that the Station conducted all the preliminary investigations and made reports on them, but Cheong Wa Dae pressured the Seoul Police Department into covering up the case. Thus, the SPD had all the reports discarded and put the case under the rug.

Especially, the SPD top brass in charge of the case at that time had all the reporting conducted only orally. They also intentionally hunkered down and did almost nothing to lead the investigation.

Lt. Detective Lee also disclosed, "Kim called our team directly. He did not dialed 411. So, we did all the paperwork before and after the arrest. Our chief singed all the relevant documents and reports."

But Moon Kwee-hwan, a senior official in charge of the investigation at that time, denied Lee`s statement and said, "The victim himself did not want the publication of the case. That was why we did not make any written reports. We just did all the things orally."

Moon alleged, "We got to know Kim`s name after the case was wrapped up. He did not come to collect the regained CDs. His agent came in, instead. So, I still do not know what he looks like."

On the other hand, "Kim visited our office several times to make statements," argued Lt. Lee.

According to the internal regulations of the Seoul Police Department, a unit investigating a case involving 3 million won (or, approximately $2,500) should report the case to the SPD. If an officer fails to do so, he or she may face a disciplinary hearing.

Another SPD senior official Kim Dong-min cast doubts over Moon`s allegation and was quoted as saying, "Later I got to hear about the case. I talked it over with my higher-ups. No one, however, seemed to care about the case. Actually, I do not know whether any of them reported the case to the chief."

“As reported by the Dong-A Ilbo, Cheong Wa Dae really interfered and pressured us out of making the case public,” confirmed a high-ranking police officer who insisted on anonymity. He also said, "Some big shot in our organization is orchestrating this case from behind. That is why no one would come out and say anything."