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Accountant`s Suicide Leave Many Doubts

Posted June. 23, 2003 22:02,   


An accountant in his thirties working at Samil Accounting Corporation committed suicide by throwing himself down from the top floor of his residence. He was being audited by the Korean American CPA Society for his accounting results of Dreamwiz, an Internet portal site business.

A security guard of the apartment found him lying dead on the front yard at 7:40 a.m. on June 22nd and reported that to the police.

The dead man`s wife Kim said at an investigation process “When I woke up in the early morning at 4:30 a.m. of June 22nd, he just told me that he had some difficulty getting to sleep. So, I got to bed. When I woke up again at 7:40 a.m., a veranda door was wide open and I could see that he threw himself out the door.”

He said through his will left in his notebook computer, “I listened to the company`s one-sided opinion. It was too much that I concluded this case of accounting as possible.”

His wife said, “He doesn`t bear any unclear things about his job. And he has been worrying over this audit from the Society since some ten days ago.”

A senior executive at Samil Accounting Corporation said, “It is true that there was an audit for his results, but the Society has yet to decide on whether the results were proper or not. Even though they proved not proper, he might be submitted to light disciplinary punishment or light warning. Still, he was too serious to let that go. So, his colleagues used to provide a lot of consolations for him.”

The accountant in question has been working at Samil since 1999 and was in charge of accounting D company from 2001 through 2002.

Jin-Suk Huh jameshuh@donga.com