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Kim Jong-Il is Sociable But Short Tempered

Posted June. 23, 2003 21:59,   


“The North Korean Leader, Kim Jong-Il has characters of extremity and short temper but if one describes him as a cruel, one dimensional cartoon character, he or she is not able to see the other side of him,” clarified Seong Hye Rang (67 years of age / picture), sister-in-law of Leader Kim.

Times reported on June 23 that Seong made such statements during the interview with the U.S. newsweekly Times in a European city.

Seong is a sister of Seong Hye Rim who is a mother of the eldest son, Kim Jeong-Nam (31 years of age).

“Leader Kim is very sociable and makes others very comfortable when he wants. However, he often shows a violent nature, thus I`ve felt danger sometimes,” stated Seong.

“Once, he stopped the food supply to the family of Jeong-Nam when he found out that he was dating a girlfriend without his approval. However, he forgot his actions completely after two months and scolded his son for not requesting food supply,” she explained.

“He is very dangerous when he feels that he has been betrayed or deceived. He despises liars and he gets furious at lies,” Seong added. Seong fled from North Korea to Europe in 1996 to join her son, Han Yeong Lee but Lee was murdered in Seoul in 1997. “I regret leaving my sister and my loving nephew, Jeong-Nam, behind,” she stated.

The Chief Kim Il-Seong did not recognize Seong Hye-Rim as his daughter-in-law because she was old and even had a history of marriage. Therefore, she lived in a secret mansion prepared by Leader Kim until the death of Chief Kim. She passed away last year in May in Moscow, ending her life at 65.

Seong went in to the secret mansion to live with her sister in 1776 with her son and daughter when Leader Kim asked her to take care of his eldest son, Jeong-Nam Kim, and she lived with them until 1994.