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They Feel Like They Are Real Sisters

Posted June. 09, 2003 21:51,   


23-year-old Im Su-jeong and 16-year-old Mun Guen-young play two sisters consistently harassed by their step-mother (Yeom Jeong-a) in a new horror movie titled `Janghwa and Hongryon.` They screamed and fought with the step mother in the movie, but were busy having small talks during an interview.

˝Guen-young is like a grown-up. We can communicate with each other really well. I had hard times during shooting because my weak health. She was by my side all the times, giving me encouragement.˝ (Im)

˝I felt sorry for her. I am very strong physically. There was a scene in which the stepmother beat me out and dragged me away. I did not feel hurt. Instead, Jeong-a consumed all her energy. Haha.˝ (Mun)

The movie is modeled after an ancient story about s wicked stepmother and two sisters (though the story is not an horror). Su-mi (Im) was up in arms against the stepmother to protect her fragile sister Su-yeon (Mun), who is helpless exposed to abuses.

˝I wanted to be aggressive, too. Su-mi shouted at her, but I was supposed to take the stepmother`s hysteria. Yet, it was relieving that there were scenes in which I could cry out loud.˝ (Mun)

They are 7 years apart. It is said that even a one-year difference makes a generational gap, but the two are such close friends that they send text messages back and forth over mobile phones.

˝Guen-young sends a lot of messages at the beginning of every month, but it decreases over time. It is because she can send only 500 text messages a month for free. There are such friendly messages as `how are you doing?` and `What are you doing now?`˝ (Im)

Im, in fact, does not like watching horror movies. It is stressful, she said. She saw all of director Kim Ji-woon`s works before began shooting, except horror movie `Three.` ˝I felt very scary while shooting the scenes with the ghost. I felt my body was stiffening. I was so absorbed that it was like really happening.˝ (Im)

˝You are so weak. I like horror movies a lot. I watch them all through, screaming and closing my eyes sometimes.˝ (Mun)

The movie is scary but the atmosphere during the shooting was fun thanks to the two young actresses. The production team even joked that they must make a comic version of `Janghwa and Hongryon,` in which the two sisters make fun of their stepmother.

Im is 23 year old, but still looks like a high school student. Since debuting with KBS TV series `the School 4,` she played a rebellious daughter in movie `President Playing the Piano (2002).` She will also become a high school student again in a new movie titled `…ing.` The shooting is scheduled to begin in July.

˝I want to play a role of grown-up woman.. Still, it is good for an actress to look younger than her age. Everyone wants to be young.˝

Mun, a first grader at Gwangju International High School, plans to travel around the country when she grows up.

˝I want to travel across mountains and fields for two to three months with a backpack on my back. When running out of money, I can get a part-time job. (to Im) It will be fun for us to travel together, isn`t it?˝