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Pak Sees Better Future over Sorenstam

Posted June. 05, 2003 21:50,   


"In five years, when I build up more experience like Sorenstam, I`m sure I can make it out more successfully."

That was the comment Se Ro Pak made yesterday in an interview held prior to the opening of the McDonald`s LPGA Championship. She showed her confidence and made public she could thwart Sorenstam and defend her title.

It is unusual for Pak to publicly pronounce that she would beat over Sorenstam. The following are adapted excerpts posted on the LPGA homepage:

Q. She is number 1 now. How close are you to that, do you think?

SE RI PAK: Let`s say she is 100 percent, I am probably 80 percent, probably 20 percent behind her. … I need to learn more. … I know what I am doing on tour, and I have a lot of confidence getting -- you know, having more myself, every week, every single year. It made a big difference a couple of years ago and now, I am getting there.

Q: How do you feel about Sorentam`s playing in the US PGA Tour?

SE RI PAK: She played before so many people without any hesitation or setbacks. And now we have doubled-up fans in the gallery. I think highly of it. I will be there like Sorenstam.

Q: Are you confident defending your title?

SE RI PAK: It will not be so easy with Sorenstam in. But I feel more excitement for that, and more motivated.

Q: The course is tougher than last year`s…

SE RI PAK: The rough is pretty long. Fairways will call the shots. Actually, I lost two balls during practice.

Pak started her round at 1:50 am yesterday, while Sorenstam at 10:20 on Wendesday.

Young-Sik Ahn ysahn@donga.com