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“I Wanted to Wring Bill when He Confessed”

Posted June. 04, 2003 22:28,   


The U.S. Democratic Senator Hillary Rodam Clinton (56 years old) confessed that she had wanted to wring Bill`s neck when former U.S. President Bill Clinton had confessed the truth about the famous sex scandal,.”

In her memoir, titled `Living History`, which is to be available on June 9, Senator Hillary clarified, “The hardest decisions I`ve ever made in my life are my decisions not to divorce Bill and to run for the Senator of New York.”

According to the content of the memoir, which AP Communications obtained and reported on June 4, former President Clinton lied to Hillary up until a few days before he confessed in front of the grand jury about the sex scandal with Monica Lewinsky, a White House intern.

Nevertheless, Senator Hillary decided to forgive her husband at last. However, the memoir tells that there had been a cold atmosphere for a couple of month since the family trip after the grand jury. It`s written, “Only the dog among our family got along well with my husband. He slept downstairs and I slept upstairs.”

AP Communication reported that in `Living History`, which recollects the 8 years spent at the White House, there are vivid descriptions of Senator Hillary`s pain which she had endure because of her husband`s betrayal.

Simon & Schuster, a publishing company, has printed an enormous amount of 1 million copies for the first edition which is 28 dollars for 562 pages and they already has paid Senator Hillary 2.85 million dollars out of total 8 million dollars as the authorship fee. Foreign copyrights have already been sold to 16 countries as of now.

Hye-Yoon Park parkhyey@donga.com