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Some US Forces Stationed in Northeast Asia Be Redeployed

Some US Forces Stationed in Northeast Asia Be Redeployed

Posted June. 02, 2003 21:21,   


The Wall Street Journal reported on June 2 that most of 100,000 US soldiers stationed in the Northeast Asian region will remain in South Korea and Japan, whereas some of them will be redeployed to swiftly cope with various forms of security threats including terrorist attacks. The newspaper also said by quoting officials in the US and other governments in the region that there is a slim chance that a new US military base will be established in the Northeast Asian region. Instead, the US will increase periods of military drills with its allies in the region and adopt a rotation system to deploy US military forces in the region. Prior to Monday`s report by the Wall Street Journal, the LA Times reported May 28 that the US government is considering transferring 20,000 naval forces currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan to Australia and establishing US military bases in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam.