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US-Japan Coordinates on North Korean Nuclear Solution

Posted May. 23, 2003 22:14,   


US President George W. Bush and Japanese Premier Junichiro Koizumi held a meeting on May 23 lasting over two hours at Mr. Bush`s Texas ranch and discussed common interests including the North Korean nuclear issue.

At the summit, the two leaders discussed how to respond to the nuclear problem and ways to obstruct North Korea’s export of missiles and drugs.

They also talked about US-Japanese economic issues and regional reconstruction after the Iraq War. The meeting between the two leaders is the 7th since President Bush’s inauguration in January 2001.

The summit is expected to serve as a good opportunity to decide on how to respond to the North Korean nuclear issue since it was held right after President Roh and Bush, on May 14, agreed on a peaceful resolution of the nuclear issue, non-permission for North Korea`s nuclear weapons program and releasing additional measures in case North Korea decides to go forward with its nuclear development.

President Bush plans to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese Premier Fu Jin Tao to further discuss the issue by attending the 300 year anniversary of Russia and the upcoming G8 Summit in France.

The US administration warned on May 22 that “an alliance that does not allow any compensation for North Korea’s threats is being set up.”

A White House representative said that “it would be wrong of North Korea to think of any compensation for its aggressive posturing and nuclear threats.”

He emphasized, “More nations are participating in the alliance that they would not offer any compensation for nuclear blackmail. North Korea will be hurting itself while deepening misunderstanding between itself and the world. It will soon be realizing that it is being left behind in the global economy.”