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"Got Embarrassed, Still Wants to Play"

Posted May. 12, 2003 22:11,   


"Actually, my pride got damaged. It`s like telling me that I am not needed."

Cho Sung-min seemed to have embraced himself for this. His calm voice showed it. But disappointment could be read on his face.

Cho registered himself as a draftee hopeful on April 29. But, Doosan and LG, the two teams that had the priority in designating Cho, let the deadline passed over. The deadline was yesterday. Therefore, Cho has to wait until the second drafting, which takes place June 30. In the second round, Lotte has to command the priority, but other seven teams could participate.

-Why do you think you were passed over?

"You know it through the media. My physical conditions and life got ruined. Now, I think I got embarrassed."

-Did you expect either Doosan or LG to opt for you?

"I was training along at Sungnam High School. I asked both of them whether I could join the team training. Each said, `If we accept you, the other will complain about it.` So, I thought either of them would go for me. But it was my fantasy. I had not received any `tapping-on` gesture several days after the registration. Thus, I guessed I would be passed over."

-Some say you expect a one-billion contract…

"I was just talking with my friends. Some guy asked me how much I could earn if I would play in Korea. I relied, `Maybe, about one billion won.` But it was just a joke. Look, who would pay that amount for me!"

-What will you do in the future?

"I will take some time and think about my future. I got the clue now. Other teams would probably react the same. I`m not sure whether any team would go for me. Anyway, I want to play."

Sang-Soo Kim ssoo@donga.com