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[Editorial] North Korea`s Nuke Possession, Calamity on the Korea Peninsula.

[Editorial] North Korea`s Nuke Possession, Calamity on the Korea Peninsula.

Posted April. 25, 2003 22:21,   


North Korea’s pronouncement that it is now a ‘nuclear state’ is the most shocking news by far on the Korean peninsula. Hopes to prevent North Korea’s nuclear armament have suddenly changed overnight to anxiety about what North Korea will in fact do with its weapons of mass destruction. Now is not the time for lukewarm measures or second-guessing on North Korea’s intentions with regards to its nuclear arms.

Deputy Director of the North Korean Foreign Ministry Lee Geun did in fact acknowledge that the North is in possession of nuclear weapons. This foretells a growing imminent danger for the Korean peninsula.

Most of all, the foremost concern is the change in policy towards North Korea by neighboring countries. In particular, the United States` view of North Korea will most likely change. Until now, the U.S. has been raising the possibility of nuclear weapons in North Korea but never rushed to any rash conclusions. Will the U.S. now permit nuclear weapons in the hands of the North Koreans or will they try to remove them? Considering recent several situations, it is clear which the U.S. will choose.

The North Korea Foreign Ministry spokesman announced its ‘bold statement’ to the U.S. yesterday, but the U.S. received the North Korean pronouncement as a true ‘threat’.

We should have been prepared for any contingency when both sides failed come to a conclusion. What if Japan, who in the past has responded aggressively towards North Korean provocations, shows initiative in its own nuclear armament. How will anyone be able to stop them? In this, North Korea`s possession of nuclear weapons could spark a nuclear arms race in Asian countries that would surely lead to a ‘balance of terror’ in the region.

We are party to this horrible reality. We must though except it and change our minds concerning the North. It`s now perfectly clear that North Korea has been secretly making nukes while we have been providing them with rice and fertilizer. How can we maintain our faith in North Korea?

Nuclear disarmament of North Korea should be the government`s top priority. The South Korean government should demand that North Korea confirm their possession of nuclear weapons so that we can be assured one way or the other.