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[Editorial] Where Newspapers Should Be Headed

Posted April. 06, 2003 22:15,   


We observe the 47th Newspaper’s Day amid more heated debates than ever over the function and role of the press. Newspapers are windows on public opinion. They also activate conversation among the public. Realizing the fact that newspapers themselves are objects of debates, we are going to bear in mind newspapers’ mission and responsibility once again.

Today is the first Newspaper’s Day to observe since President Roh Moo-hyun took office. Since then reform of the press has become the household name and a new media coverage system, in which reporters cannot visit public officials in offices and instead regular briefings are given, was already introduced. The press cannot be an exception from the cause of reform and we generally agree with the "tense relationship between power and the press" suggested by the president. And if the existing media coverage system is wrong, it should be discarded right away.

However, if the new system was intended to control media outlets and make them a tool of power, we will stand up against any difficulties and challenges in order to protect readers’ right to know. Newspapers’ mission is to convey truth to readers. Final evaluation on whether newspapers have fulfilled their mission depends on the public. We are sure that freedom of the press is essential to realizing a democratic society/

This year the motto of Newspaper’s Day is "Newspapers which are open to readers and can stand in a dignified manner before history." If readers do not have confidence in newspapers, they lose the base of their existence. If they are to be confident before history, they should not go with the current of the time and should have their own conviction and a clear sense of history. To do so, we are going to renew our attitude of mind. We will give ear to criticism and requests from outside.

Nowadays, amid increasing roles of the press, newspapers are being requested to tread the right path and follow principles. With keeping this in mind, we have decided to do our best to protect freedom of the press, which is one of the pillars supporting democracy.