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North Korea’s Nuclear Issue Addressed at Inter-Korean Summit

North Korea’s Nuclear Issue Addressed at Inter-Korean Summit

Posted April. 04, 2003 22:18,   


Chairman of the ruling Millennium Democratic Party Chung Dae-chul said April 4: “The adoption of a major or medium constituency system deserves serious consideration. I would like to propose that the ruling and opposition parties seek a variety of alternatives to the proportional representation system.”

MDP Chairman Rep. Chung delivered his floor speech before the National Assembly in the morning of April 4. In the speech, he said: “We should realize politics of national integration by eradicating regionalism. To that end, the current minor electorate should be changed because under the current system, a specific party is allowed to occupy all Assembly seats in a certain province by winning a landslide victory, aggravating regional rivalry.”

On the economic front, he stated: “To overcome Korea’s current economic difficulties, the government should administer timely economic stimulus measures to ease public concern over the economy. It should use national budget related to social overhead capital projects and public housing constructions conducive to creating jobs and stimulating the economy in the first half of this year.”

“The government should encourage each ministry to administer ministry budgets earlier than planned. If advance use of budgeting doesn`t work and the economy remains sluggish, the government needs to consider coming up with additional budget measures. Although maintaining a balanced budget is important, if necessary, the government should be ready to accept short-term, red-ink finance,” he added.

On the North Korea’s nuclear crisis, “To address this issue, if necessary, the government should consider holding an inter-Korean summit or high-ranking government meeting. I propose that to secure peace on the Korean Peninsula, the ruling and opposition parties should begin consultation to form a special parliamentary committee and propose that the North hold inter-Korean talks.”

On the press, “I have a firm belief that the people’s right to know and reporters’ rights to inform should be respected. However, media outlets should bear in mind that they not only have the freedom of press, but also have a responsibility for reporting fair and accurate information to the public.”

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