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Remembering Alfred Hitchcock

Posted March. 31, 2003 22:28,   


Fans of the legendary director Alfred Hitchcock (1899 to 1980) will have a rare chance to experience his film world. Seoul Cinematech is set to host `Alfred Hitchcock Masterpieces` in Seoul Art Cinema in Sogyeok-dong, Seoul from April 4 through 11.

The late director was known for his insight into human feelings of guiltiness and obsession, as well as the way he visualizes suspense and fear. His works have motivated a number of directors and artists for decades.

The Hitchcock festival this time will introduce nine of his works from the 1930s through the 1950s. `The 39 Steps (1935)` is about a man trying to prove who and what he is, a subject often adopted by Hitchcock. It delivers the director`s view on things, that is, what you see is not what things really are. `North by Northwest (1959),` is also a man mistaken as a spy. It is comic thriller criticizing the American society where people are sold and bought for interests. Many believed that it motivated the 007 series.

`The Wrong Man (1956),` which stars Ingrid Burghman and Carry Grant, is known to have inspired great French director Francois Turuipo. And `Rebecca (1940),` is Hitchcock`s Hollywood debut and also an Oscar winner.

Film critic Han Sang-joon will give a lecture on Hitchcock`s film work at 1:00 a.m. on April 6. Seoul Cinematech further plans to host `Hitchcock Masterpieces 2` in the middle of May this year, introducing `Vertigo` and `Shadow of a Doubt.`

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