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President Roh Visits Local Middle School Again

Posted March. 13, 2003 22:26,   


President Roh visited Woongdong Middle School in Doo-dong, Gyeongnam Province on March 13 with his wife Gwon Yang-sook. He visited there in order to deliver his promise made two years ago that he would come back and meet students again as a president.

The First Couple was on their way to the graduation ceremony at the Naval Academy. Two students carrying flowers greeted the president and the first lady as they arrived at 11:20 in the morning. The couple then entered the auditorium of the school, where about 290 students were waiting.

˝For those who attended my lecture two years ago, raise your hands,˝ said President Roh as he began his speech. ˝I was so busy that I almost could not come, but I had to come to give you courage and hopes.˝

˝It might be hard to study for now, but you can do whatever you want to do if you try hard, ˝ he went on to say. ˝So you have to study hard.˝

Then the president received a letter from 32 students including 9th grader Kim Jin-hee, which thanks him for coming back and asks him to help people live happily. After taking a photo shot with students, President Roh and First Lady Gwon finished their 20-minute visit and left.

Roh gave a lecture to students at the school on June 29 in 2001 after resigning as Minister of Maritime and Fishery. It was an event titled `With Prominent People` and Roh was invited by Park Hyun, a 54-year-old school administrator who is a two years junior from Busan Vocational High School and long time acquaintance.