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Cha Seung-won in His Prime Years of Comic Act

Posted March. 12, 2003 22:31,   


Wearing a hunting hat askew and in worn-out jeans, he has a cigarette between his index and middle finger.

Actor Cha Seung-won said hello as he sat back on a chair and he seemed a little nervous about his new movie.

He takes on a comic role again in a movie titled `Mr. Kim Bong-doo` set to be released on March 28.

It is a story about an unscrupulous teacher sent to a primary school in a far remote rural village.

He tries to have the school shut down to go back to Seoul, where rich parents used to treat him well. So he persuades and even threats little students to move out.

He stayed in Youngwal, Gangwon-do for three months during the shooting.