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Nuclear Submarine Kim Sank All Down

Posted March. 07, 2003 22:32,   


"Fantastic!" As mentioned by Arizona Diamondbacks manager Bob Brenly, Byung-Hyun Kim did excellent as a starting pitcher in his second exhibition game.

Taking on last year`s World Series champ Anaheim Angles yesterday, Kim shut out the first 4 innings, allowing only one hit and one walk. He also struck out 2 Angles. In fact, Angles did a split squid on that day, thus splitting its players in two and pouring its star players in the game against Oakland Athletics. Notwithstanding the fact, it is hard to deny that Kim was impressive.

Defending 4 innings, Kim pitched only 42 balls, 30 of which were strikes. In other words, he pitched aggressively and effectively. Brenly satisfactorily commented, "BK [Kim`s nickname] accepted my advice very quick. After the first game, I pointed out some problems. But I didn`t see any of the mistakes today."

On his first pitching against Chicago White Socks on March 3rd, he failed to live up to the expectations, allowing four hits and three RBIs in two innings. Prior to the game, Brenly set the limit to 40 pitches.

Kim shut out the first and second with 15 balls each. He allowed only one hit in the third, which was a triple. Even in the face of a crisis with a runner on the third base and one out, he sealed off the rest of the inning without allowing any score. He struck out and grounded out following two hitters. Kim is transforming himself as a starting pitcher this season. He said after the game, "I felt much more comfortable than last time. I just concentrated on the game itself. I didn`t think about any other things."

In the game, Kim`s team rivals did poor, highlighting Kim more. Miguel Batista allowed 3 hits and one RBI in two innings, and Armando Reynoso gave out 5 hits and 6 scores in 2/3 of an inning.

Lee Seung-hyup of Samsung, who is playing for Florida Marlines on invitation, hit two homers in two consecutive days. Yesterday, against Montreal Expos, he punched a home run over the right fence in the sixth, which Lee is . Previous day, he recorded a two-run homer. Expos Korean pitcher Sun Woo Kim pitched like giving Lee a gift, which Lee punched over the fence. During the exhibition games, he recorded two for six, making his batting average 0.333 and two homers calling in 3 runner. Against Expos only, Lee made one hit, taking at bat three times. Shim Chung-soo, on the other hand, popped out in the 8th, ending up with no hit.

Choong K. Bong of Atlanta Braves shut out two innings against Florida Marlines without giving out any hit or point.

Sang-Soo Kim ssoo@donga.com