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Aggressive Resolution Vs. Peaceful Settlement

Posted February. 25, 2003 22:25,   


▽U.S. Resolution = In the new resolution, the date for military disarmament of Iraq is not clearly mentioned. However the U.S. and Britain hope for a unanimous decision by mid of March. This appears to marks the time death line for the diplomatic solution to settle the Iraq conflict.

Before presenting the resolution, President George W. Bush pressured the United Nation Security Council.

“Iraq has not disarmed according to the resolution chosen by the U.N. Security Council last year. It must be decided upon whether this organization (U.N. Security Council) is to be effective organization,” says President Bush.

▽Opposition by France and Germany = France, Russia and Germany have insist upon extension of inspection instead of military actions. They have opposed the U.S. resolution and distributed memorandums of their own solutions for peaceful disarmament of Iraq among the Security Council.

This document suggests that military option must be a last stand choice. It also suggests inspection report to the U.N. within 120days by Inspection Committee for weapon of mass-destruction program activities. President Jacques Chirac of France and Prime Minister Gerhard Schroeder of Germany have met today in Berlin to verify their adherence to oppose new U.S. resolution.

▽U.N. Schedule = the Chairman Gunter Floydger (German ambassador to U.N.) of the U.N. Security Council announced a discussion by Security Council on these two resolution on February 27th. The U.S. which hopes for vote decision by mid of March is pursuing a diplomatic war to persuade and pressure the Council. They need to obtain more than nine votes out of its fifteen member countries. The memorandum submitted by France is not subject to vote.

On March 7th, Chairman Hans Bricks of the Inspection Committee will make his inspection result to the U.N. Security Council and Director General Mohamed El Baradei of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will make his on 11th.

▽Hussein’s Move = in his interview with American CBS broadcast, President Saddam Hussein of Iraq announced no intention to follow the demands by U.N. to dispose the banned missiles. In his first appearance with foreign media since twelve years ago, Hussein proposed an open debate to President Bush about the U.S.-led war on Iraq. The White House turned down the proposal.

Meanwhile, the Turkey government has agreed in their special cabinet meeting to allow the large size U.S. troop access in their military bases in preparation for U.S. war on Iraq. According to the foreign media, the motion for U.S. troop deployment to Turkey will be put on vote by the Turk parliament on 25th. The U.S. hopes to deploy about 40,000 troops and 9,000 various equipments.

Kwan-Hee Hong konihong@donga.com