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The Re-Appeared Bin Laden Urges “Anti-U.S. Struggle”

The Re-Appeared Bin Laden Urges “Anti-U.S. Struggle”

Posted February. 12, 2003 22:49,   


The leader of the Islamic radical organization Al Qaeda, which committed the 9.11 Terror, Osama Bin Laden said, “The Crusaders are trying to seize the capitol of Islam, Baghdad once again,” and urged the Muslims of the world to come forth in the War against the USA.

In relation to this, in the USA, intelligence agencies such as the CIA warned that there was a big chance that the remnants of Al Qaeda might commit a large scale terror attack using `Dirty Bomb,` and at the same time, they dash into a high-level watch position like stationing air-defense missile launchers.

According to Bin Laden`s voice recording broadcasted by a satellite broadcasting company of Qatar, Al Jazeera, Bin Laden warned, “The attack of America against Iraq is aimed toward whole Muslims, and any Islamic government that support this is a `renegade.`”

Bin Laden went on and criticized, “America is trying to realize the dream of the Zionists, which is to build the Great Israel in the middle east, by seizing Iraq.”

The Bin Laden`s voice recording was broadcasted with the picture of Bin Laden in camouflage and white turban in the background, and prior to this, the US Secretary of State Collin Powell had announced that Bin Laden`s new message, which would prove the connection between Al Qaeda and Iraq, would be broadcasted through Al Jazeera.

In the meantime the Director of the US CIA, George Tenet attended the Intelligence Committee of the Senate and warned, “There is a possibility that the 2nd terror attack could happen this week,” and “in that case, an attack of `Dirty Bomb,` which contains radioactive material, might happen in crowded areas with loose security such as large malls or colleges.” The CNN reported on the 11th that the US Government stationed mobile launchers, which could launce the Stinger Missiles, near the Department of Defense building in the capitol Washington.

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