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`War of Pens` between the Press of the U.S. and France Regarding the Iraq War

`War of Pens` between the Press of the U.S. and France Regarding the Iraq War

Posted February. 12, 2003 22:49,   


The Press War becomes even more intensified by the simultaneous opening of the counterattack by the Press of France on 11th regarding the U.S.`s intention to attack Iraq. In relation to the request of the cooperation on the bearing plan of Turkey to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in preparation of the Iraq War, the Daily Newspaper Le Figaro of France criticized that “It is very offensive action of the United States who are trying to twist the wrists of the allied countries to line up along with the war plan already drafted by the Pentagon (the United States Department of Defense). A war can`t occur just by the arbitrary command of the United States.”

On its editorial under the title of `Hatred of France` dated 12th, Newspaper Le Monde deplored on the acts of the U.S. Press such as the Wall Street Journal which included a writing of an English reporter that expressed France as `a roaring rat striving to be the pander of the private talks` and pointed out that this is all because “France did not follow along with the political measures of the Bush Administration.” Le Parisient carried a satirical cartoon portraying Donald Rumsfeld, the Secretary of Defense of the United States, advising President Bush to proclaim a war on the `Old Europe`.

Before all these writings, Thomas Friedman, a columnist of the New York Times of the United States, enraged the government and the people of France by arguing that India must be selected as the standing executive country in the UN Security Councils instead of France. The Washington Post also sarcastically stated that “the only technique France has ever acquired is recession and extrication.”

The New York Post pointed out that there are statements such as `They`ve sacrificed for France. But France has forgotten this,` inscribed on the tombstones in the United States Military Cemetery in Normandy and cynically changed the slogan of the people of France, `Vive la France` to `Vive les Wimps`.

However, Newspaper Dernie Henre of Belgium who has opposed the bearing plan of Turkey along with France, sharply criticized the double standard of the United States who is cornering only Iraq by stating, “the nationality of the majority of those who committed the 9.11 terrorism was Saudi Arabia but their petroleum pump is safe.”

In regards to this, the popular newspaper Sun spoke roughly by saying “petty little Belgians.” The Daily Mail also stated “They need to recollect that around 130,000 American soldiers have sacrificed in Europe during the Second World War” in the article titled `Those Ungrateful People`.

Marib Daily of Israel who is an allied power of the United States, also contributed in this Press War by calling the joint declaration of Russia, France and Germany, the `Axis of Stupidity`.

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