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“Road Trip to Mt. Kum-gang Will Cost 180,000 to 350,000 Korean Won.”

“Road Trip to Mt. Kum-gang Will Cost 180,000 to 350,000 Korean Won.”

Posted February. 10, 2003 22:34,   


The fare of general people for their road travels to Mt. Kum-gang scheduled to start from the 21st was decided at 180,000 to 350,000 Korean Won. However, the discounted fare will be charged for the period of one month from the 21st to celebrate the opening of road travel.

On the 10th Hyundai Asan announced, “The tourism packages of two kinds will be sold for the road travels to Mt. Kum-gang with the schedule of two days and one night and that of three days and two nights starting from 21st. And the fare will be ranged from 180,000 to 350,000 Korean Won in accordance to the different types of the hotel including the Kumg-gang Village (one bedroom for six persons) and the Hotel Haekum-gang (one bedroom for two persons) and the different schedules of travel (one night or two nights).”

The discounted packages will be sold at △Korean Won 198,000 for the Kum-gang Village and △Korean Won 298,000 for the Hotel Haikum-gang respectively for the travel for 3 days and 2 nights in the celebration of road travel for one month from the 21st. The fare of tourism packages for two days and one night will be at 160,000 and 198,000 Korean Won respectively.

The tourists will be distributed tourism certificates at the Mt. Kum-gang Condominium located at the Gosung-gun of Kangwon Province, move to the Observatory Platform for the Unification for the procedure of entry and make trips to Mt. Kum-gang by way of the temporary CIQ of the South, the Military Demarcation Line and the CIQ of the North at the Gosung harbor.

It takes one hour to go to Mt. Kum-gang on the road including the time for the inspections by the authorities of the South and the North and the travel by bus. The time for the travel has been reduced greatly in contrast to the fact that the current travel by the sea takes about four and half hours.

On the other hand, the tourists have only to contact and make reservations at the nationwide agents contracted dealing with tourism packages for the Mt. Kum-gang and the sales department (02-3669-3000) of Hyundai Asan up to one week prior to the travel date wanted.

Kang-Woon Lee kwoon90@donga.com