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[Editorial] Still Wants Us To Believe Money Didn`t Buy North-South Summit?

[Editorial] Still Wants Us To Believe Money Didn`t Buy North-South Summit?

Posted February. 05, 2003 23:05,   


A person involved in the checkbook diplomacy declared yesterday that the 223.5 billion won (or approximately $200 million) secret aid was wired to North Korea on June 12, 2000, just one day prior to President Kim Dea Jung`s departure for North for the summit with Kim Jung Il. What is indicated is that money bought the summit between North and South Korea. Otherwise, why in the world should the government put off the original summit schedule to wire the money?

The core of this political scandal lies in the fact that Kim Dae Jung administration cheated its own citizens to dole out the astronomical amount of money to North Korea. The essence is the dark reason for which this administration gave that huge amount of money for free. All the other matters such as the exact amount or the route used are secondary in nature.

As alleged by Kim Dae Jung administration, if it had been for the legitimate reason of supporting North Korea, we do not see any justification for not revealing all the details concerning the wiring. Considering the timing of the wiring made in such a timely fashion, the only reason we could think of is the personal greed of Kim Dae Jung administration. The facts and circumstances point to the scenario that President Kim was eager to buy a summit with the North Korean leader, and boast of it to earn a Nobel Peace Prize.

Even worse, some experts believe that the alleged secret aid was used to cater to the personal needs of Kim Jung Il. That is why our citizens resent the conduct. The money was not used for furthering relationship between the two Koreas, nor for advancing our national interest. It was simply used to satisfy the personal greed of the two people who ruled in two opposite parts of the Korean Peninsula.

We do not want to disparage the historic meaning of the summit. But the reality is that the North-South relationship has been worsened in comparison with that before the summit, undergoing various events such as the Yellow Sea Engagement and the North Korea`s nuclear standoff. How could we find any reason or meaning at all in having the summit for all the amount of money?

If it turns out that the money was wired to satisfy, or, at least, out of the personal greed of the two leaders, it will be wise for Kim Dae Jung administration not to sit on its hands, waiting for forgiveness or clemency. Before citizens erupt in anger, President Kim should reveal each and every detail and wait for citizens` judgment. That way, Kim`s Sunshine policy, which has been smeared with "tragedies" so far, would bring in any fruitful results for the nation.