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Pros & Cons of PGA Challenge of Annika Sorenstam and Se-Ri Pak

Pros & Cons of PGA Challenge of Annika Sorenstam and Se-Ri Pak

Posted January. 29, 2003 22:30,   


A challenge of Annika Sorenstam (Sweden) and Se-Ri Pak(CJ, Taylor Made) will be successful?

After Sorenstam, Seri Pak showed an intention of challenging to PGA championships on January 28. Accordingly, US PGA announced,“We prohibit an use of ladies tee in a regional championships for participating in the regular championship.” They cannot use the ladies tee shorter than the man tee and have to play the game with male golfers on the same conditions.

The three place of the world ranking, Phil Mickelson (US) forecasted,“If Sorenstam selects only course well, she can be in the top ten.” It is same as the case of Se-Ri Park.

Spremstam is a well-known long hitter in US LPGA. Last year, her driver shot distance was 265.6 yard. She won the fourth place. Also, she won the fifth place for accuracy. She combines the distance and direction. Se-Ri Pak won the 14th place and 33rd place in the average distance and accuracy respectively.

Accordingly, they can compete with male golfers in the short course and the course of shallow rough.

As the sex competition of golf becomes a topic, there is the pros & cons in the homepage of PGA Tour. One golf columnist insisted, “Sorenstam can compete with male golfers in Harbor Town Golf Links or Westchester CC.” He said, “The accuracy is more important than the long hit in some courses of US PGA. In this point, Sorenstam will be better than some male golfers.”

Besides, Melanie Hauser (golf columnist) said, “Sorenstam can play the shot of over 200 yard toward a pin located just behind a bunker? The PGA challenge of female golfers is not possible.” Also, one of problems is the rapid green which female golfers have never played.

Sorenstam and Se-Ri Pak will challenge the US PGA tour at the risk of failure? Two golfers made a precondition of `If the conditions are met`or`If an opportunity is gained.` Invited officially from BC Open to be held in July, Sorenstam hasn`t gave his definite answer. She hasn`t made a decision because it can cause severe damage to a reputation of female golfers. And yet, if the PGA challenge of Sorenstam and Se-Ri Pak is accepted, there must be a big event as important as any other major championship.

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