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Cellist, Daniel Lee

Posted January. 28, 2003 22:39,   


“Why is Daniel Lee so quiet?”

It can be natural for the Cello music fan to ask this question.

Daniel Lee, at the age of 18 in 1998, attracted the attentions of many people as ‘the Korean cellist, who will lead the world of cello with Hanna Chang’, when he engaged in events of having his debut performance at the Lincoln Center in the United States, his debut album available at the De Casa and the first recital in Korea. However, for over 4 years, there hasn’t been a sign of his following album and there only have been two performances with orchestra in Korea. Was he to be on the spot for a second and disappear from our memory?

That isn’t true at all. He has been moving forward with silent big steps. While attending the New England Music Conservatory School, taking professional performer courses, he as been making his determination to succeed as a great musician as he performed with the best orchestras of the United States, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Philadelphia Orchestra, Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, and many more. He has received the invitation to the Malboro Music Festival, which is only given to the first class musicians. In year 2001, he also received the Asbury Fisher Career Grant Award, the guarantee check, given to the young performers who will carry on the coming generation of the music field in the United States.

With even more mature expressions and skills, Daniel Lee forecasts a second hit. For the first time in 4 years, he introduces his second album in Decca and Philips Classics with two pieces of cello sonatas of Brahms. He will have a recital at Seoul Arts Center, Korea, at 7:30 on Feb. 24, also for the first time in 4 years.

As listening to his new album obtained a few days earlier before its release, the tone he plays touches the ears with sticky feelings as always. From that perspective, his decision is excellent to play the grave and gruff music of Brahms. It offers the local fans pleasant sensation different from the sharp music of Russian musicians such as Prokofiev and Shostakovich. The melody sounds sublime and natural.

Daniel Lee is expected to feature astoundingly various repertoire in his recital at Seoul Arts Center next month, including the three pieces of sonatas, Mendelssohn’s sonata, Beethoven’s Sonata No. 3, and Brahms’ Sonata No. 1 from the new album. He will also play Paganini’s Variations on a theme from the opera `Moses` by Rossini and Korean traditional music that he arranged. Robert Konick, who accompanied Chang Young-ju and Lee Yu-ra, will also play the piano for him. He accompanied Lee on the piano in the new album as well.

Daniel Lee is so naughty that he answers “FBI” when asked about what his parents do and embarrasses his mentor during the play by putting an illustrated magazine in his piano score. It is very exciting to meet him in 4 years.

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