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Things Go Wry during Delivery, Hot Action Ensues

Posted January. 27, 2003 22:59,   


Hero in the movie Frank (Jason Statham) is working as a transporter who moves packages from here to there. His job is in fact smuggling goods as asked by his crime organization clients.

Although there is nothing to feel proud of his job, he sticks with rules when it comes to work. First, never change the terms of contract. Second, keep anonymity during the transactions. Third, never look into the content of the package.

Frank is hired by a man named `Wall Street` to carry a 150 cm-long and 50kg-weighing bag. He soon notices his package is moving and opens the bag only to find an attractive and feisty young woman Lai (Shu Qi). Complications ensue after he breaks the third rule. He is now hunted down by a crime organization.

The movie, written and produced by Luc Besson, reminds the audience of `Taxi 1` and `Taxi 2,` which were also produced by the French director.

Frank exhibited almost art-like action as he helped a bank robber escape from the crime scene. He and members of crime organization make hot action scenes in the tune of strong-beat music. Director of the movie create sophisticated action scenes with martial arts.

Despite the eye-catching speedy action, the audience soon finds there is hardly any plot. Jason Statham, who had been a diving player for ten years, displays his well-shaped body and dynamic action, but with a sloppily knitted storyline, it is more like a martial arts show.

Lai sleeps with Frank to thank him for saving her life, materializing the outdated idea that a bed scene is a must for a commercially successful movie. The movie ends rather abruptly telling the reason why Lai was kidnapped in the first place.

The movie manages to catch the eyes of the audience with the high-profile director. Corey Yuen directed action scenes for some 30 Hong Kong action movies including `Body Guard,` `Hero` and `Bang Seok` and Hollywood movies like `Lethal Weapon 4,`X-men,` and `Romeo Must Die` for the last 20 years. `The Transporter` is his director debut. For aged over 15. Released on January 30.

Soo-Kyung Kim skkim@donga.com