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[Editorial] Boos to Pols: List On The Internet Of Those To Be Disposed Of

[Editorial] Boos to Pols: List On The Internet Of Those To Be Disposed Of

Posted January. 22, 2003 22:58,   


It has transpired that a factory worker in 20s prepared and uploaded the "black list," which lists 94 members of Millennium Democratic Party on a scale classifying them into 6 categories in accordance with their contribution to Roh’s winning of the presidential race. Still, politicians do not seem able to escape from its spell. In addition, another versions have begun to circulate, making the environment scarier day after day. A second black list has been put into circulation accusing 38 Millennium Democratic members of their opportunist conducts. On the other hand, Grand National Party’s black list is being run around, which points to 40 members of the party as the "targets" to be disposed of.

What poses more serious problems lies in the anonymity and its violence entailed by the media called the Internet. In the future, we may have another forms of lists posted thereon. Furthermore, people might try to resolve any social dispute by "stabbing" the opponent on the Internet through distribution of false statements or defamatory information. In this context, it feels worrisome to hear that we are undergoing an "Internet cultural revolution."

If our concerns come true, we will face a disaster. We do not know when and how a person will be damaged, making every citizen vulnerable to the harm. The authorities should track down all the faceless online snipers, and punish them. That way, people will learn a lesson and will not be tempted to commit a copycat crime. The police and the prosecution should bring to justice all the people involved in circulating the so-called black lists. It is also necessary to scrutinize the confession made by the factory worker, who allegedly made the first version of the black list.

Politicians should look back on themselves, too. They have to think why the whole society is being rocked by the black list, which represents our society’s deep rooted suspicion and mistrust in politicians. In a nutshell, the list is boos to them. Political parties made a big scene out of the list and announced they would file a criminal complaint with the prosecution against the anonymous person who prepared the list. It tells us they are hiding something wrong from us, or, at least, they feel guilty watching the list. The political life of a politician eventually depends on the decision of the voters. Nonetheless, our politicians take it natural to decide, based on loyalty, who are friends and who are enemies. Shame on you!