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It is Possible for Pyongyang`s Uranium Bombs to Target South Korea

It is Possible for Pyongyang`s Uranium Bombs to Target South Korea

Posted January. 16, 2003 23:29,   


At a meeting of the National Assembly`s defense committee on Thursday, Defense Minister Lee Jun said, "If the North Korea nuclear crisis is not solved peacefully and thus, the United States attacks the communist country, a war on the Korean Peninsula is unavoidable. So, our military is maintaining the highest level of military preparedness against the worst case scenario."

Asked whether the North will target the South if it develops a uranium bomb by some lawmakers, the minister replied, "It is difficult to judge that the South is the target, but at the same time, the possibility cannot be excluded. And it is highly likely."

He added that if we assumed that Pyongyang has plutonium, and reactivates its nuclear reprocessing facilities, it would take 2-3 years to have atomic bombs.

With respect to the North`s nuclear ambition, he said that though it just "looks like brinkmanship to have direct negotiations with the U.S., there is still a possibility that it is following steps into developing nuclear bombs secretly."

For President-elect Roh`s campaign pledge to reduce the period of the mandatory military service, he commented, the ministry is reviewing the promise and it will come up with its plan in June.

Min-Hyuk Park mhpark@donga.com