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“It Is Not True That I Offered Hussein a Refuge.”

Posted January. 12, 2003 22:20,   


Among the list of leaders of countries that America ‘needs to take care of,’ the Libyan President Muammar Qaddafi is included. He is a ‘leader of terrorists,’ who is pointed out as the wirepuller of the blowing of the US Pan Am passenger plane in 1988. What is worse, he is hiding the Iraqi weapons of massive destruction (WMD) on behalf of Iraq, and he is being picked as a person, who will offer refuge for the Hussein family if they will seek refuge.

He, however, denied all of them through an exclusive interview with the weekly news magazine the Newsweek and said, “I am offering information to America for sweeping the international terrorists organization Al Qaida.” The following is the summary of the interview titled ‘the Face of the Past Evil’ published on the recent issue (20th) of the Newsweek.

―What do you think about Osama Bin Laden?

“He is known as a prophet in the Islamic world. However, he is a threat to us. The Islam Fundamentalism is a threat to any government in this region. Al Qaida once tried to assassin me. America is giving excuses for them to act with swinging their arms.”

―People say that you are giving information about Al Qaida to America….

“Libya and America are sharing information. There are terrorists from Libya in America and the UK. We are giving them information to sweep those terrorists.”

―What do you think about the President Hussein?

“I know him well. He is not rational. However, he is not being a threat to the western world right now. I have few things that I do not agree with Hussein. The war against Iran and Kuwait is one thing, and attacking the Kurd in northern Iraq is another.”

―People say you will provide a refuge for the Hussein family in Libya…

“I have never thought about that. His family will not leave Iraq. If America attacks, his family cannot find a refuge anywhere.”

―If you have any advise to him…

“He has opened everything about his country to the inspectors. What more he can do? (If America push him more)He should fight with his back on the wall.”

―The Israelite Prime Minister Ariel Sharon insisted that Libya had WMD including nuclear weapons…

“He is crazy. We are sorry for him not to become the US President. We have no reason to have WMD. We don’t even have the money.”

―You have been pointed out as a wirepuller of international terrorism since the 1980`s…

“It was not terrorist but the leader of the liberation movement of the third world. I supported Nelson Mandela and Sam Nuzoma. They became Presidents of the Republic of South Africa and Namibia and were treated very cordially.”

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