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Korean Football Becomes Faster

Posted January. 09, 2003 22:51,   


After Umberto Coelho (53) was selected as the Head Coach of the Korean National Football Team, the Portuguese football magazine `A Bola` reported that `Coach Coelho was the great coach and an ideal candidate.`

And Coach Guus Hidink, who recommended him, said, “He is the best coach for the Korean football, which is pressing hard with strong physical strength.”

Then, what is `Coelho Style Football?` In a word, it is an aggressive football based on quick and strong press and teamwork.

It is on the continuum of the tactics, which Coach Hidink has pursued, based on pressing football and teamwork. However, there certainly are differences. If Hidink style football is a Dutch style `Total Soccer` based on `full offense and full defense,` Coelho style football puts more effort on offense through short and precise passes and tight teamwork.

The former Head Coach of the Korean National Team Huh, Jung-Moo, who watched closely the Portuguese National Team led by Coach Coelho at the 2000 European Football Championship, illustrated, “Coach Coelho is an expert on the trend of advanced football.”

The former Coach Huh said, “Coach Coelho`s tactic seemed to be ahead of France, which led the trend of world football. He used tactics of endless change like using 4-3-3 during offense and changing quickly to 4-5-1 while defending.”

The defense line of Coelho football is a four back system. It puts a big player in the middle and puts physical players, who are able to participate in fast attack, in both sides. And he prefers detailed tactics based on short passes for offense.

Let`s predict the `Best 11` of the future Korean National Football Team based on Coach Hidink and former Coach Hus`s evaluation.

Lee, Woon-Jae (Suwon Samsung) is at GK position, Choi, Jin-Chol (Chonbook Hyundai), Kim, Tae-Young (Chonnam Dragons), Lee, Yong-Pyo (Einthoven), and Song, Jong-Guk (Peyenort) are `the Four Backs` of the defense line, Yoo, Sang-Chul (Ulsan Hyundai) and Kim, Nam-Il (Chonnam Dragons) make the two defensive midfielders, Ahn, Jung-Hwan (Simiz S Pearls) is the one top striker of the offense line, Park, Ji-Sung (Einthoven) is the shadow striker, and Sul, Ki-Hyun (Anderleht) and Lee, Chon-Soo (Ulsan Hyundai) are at both wings.

Soon-Il Kwon stt77@donga.com