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[Editorial] The More They Meet, The Better for Country

Posted January. 06, 2003 22:36,   


President-elect Roh Moo-hyun promises that he would regularly meet opposition party leader after inauguration. Most citizens would feel relieved, seeing President and opposition leaders get together to discuss various issues in this time of domestic transition and international crisis. We sincerely do wish that the meeting would really happen as promised. That will serve as the starting point for building up a partnership between ruling and opposition parties, both of whom have spent most of the time on endless, unproductive partisanship matters.

Mr. Roh could meet them even before he takes office. By doing so, he could help them understand what he is up to and induce their cooperation. Setting up the plan for our country for the 5 years to come is not a matter to be monopolized by the winner in the election. It is a matter requiring participation and cooperation from all quarters. That way, we could minimize the cost. In fact, it is impossible to launch the new administration in a normal way with Grand National Party occupying more than the majority of the seats in Congress. If Congress rejects a Prime Minister-select, the cabinet will have to limp again.

The more frequently both camps meet, the better for the whole country. Meeting itself is like a kind of gentleman`s agreement promising that either side would not stab the other in the back. In a nutshell, frequent meetings are also good for each other. That way, ultimately, the ruling and opposition parties can increase the productivity of Congress which had suffered heavily under partisanship, and contributing the well-being of the country and citizens. Kim Dae Jung administration is an illuminating example. For the past five years, there have almost been no talks between them. That is why each was dying to see the corpse of the other.

If they should get away with their arrogance, they could meet at any time. Mr. Roh should roll up the sleeves first. He should show something. Please do not make any silly attempt to force-feed the opposition party with his ideas through kangaroo court. That is what Kim Dea Jung administration tried, which eventually backfired on him and his administration. Enough is enough.

The opposition party should also cooperate. It should not attempt to wage a war to distract the intraparty dispute, nor should it refuse any offer for dialogue due to the old feelings.