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Heavy Snow, Storm, Flood Swept Europe

Posted January. 06, 2003 22:26,   


Due to the various atmospheric disasters of storm, heavy snow, snow slide, flood and etc, which swept Europe starting the end of the last week, at least 21 people were killed and a lot of serious traffic disturbances occurred everywhere throughout Europe.

On the 5th, there was a heavy snow accompanied by a strong wind in France and this tied up the thousands of passengers at the Charles de Gaulle Airport of Paris and they had to sleep at the airport. Police force had been mobilized to calm the passengers who were complaining about the cancellations on numerous airlines.

In the Alps regions of Italy and France, three climber and skiers were killed each and 7 people were injured due to the snow slide caused by the heavy snow. In Moscow, Russia, 12 people froze to death on the 14th due to the severe cold and this incident increased the number of the people who froze to death to 227 people. Poland authorities clarified that 183 people have frozen to death as of 3rd and the majority of these people were found sleeping on outside after drinking excessively.

On the other hand, thousands of housings have been flooded due to the recent heavy rainfall which lasted for a couple of days in Germany, Belgium, Portugal, England, Italy and others. Also, in central regions of Japan, around 10 cars were buried in snow due to the snow slide and hundreds of people were trapped in mountains and were later rescued on the 5th.