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“Quit Smoking Unconditionally.”

Posted January. 05, 2003 22:57,   


The main points which Park Jae-gab, president of the National Cancer Center recommends for giving up the smoking are unique. It is not the manner of an order. ‘Because the smoking is a disease, be aware of the disease and just give up the smoking unconditionally’.

The president Park asked, “If you know the fact that you will die of the smoking tomorrow, will you smoke now?”. Because many people consider a cigarette as a favorite food, they smoke without worry. That is the main cause that people cannot give up the smoking. The following are reasons why you have to give up the smoking, mentioned by the president Park.

▽Cigarette is a Poison = The cigarette is the poison containing the chemical substances of 4,000 types and carcinogenic substances of 69 types and is the stronger poisonous material than Marijuana classified as a drug. Especially, the cigarette contains harmful heavy metals and drugs including ‘Arsenic’ which is the main ingredient of poison, ‘Kaliumcyanid‘ used as a death gas, ‘Aceton’ which is the remover of paint, and ‘DDT’ used as an insecticide. Even though you know this fact, will you smoke the cigarette?

▽Smoking is a Disease = You are a patient from the moment of smoking. Because serious diseases such as diabetes and hypertension are caught owing to the smoking, the smoking person is a serious illness patient. Accordingly, they must cure the disease in the quit-smoking clinic. There are 17,700 deaths of smoking patients in Korea. The numerical value is 35 times of 502 persons died at a collapse accident of Sampung department store in 1995. Do you want to be a chronic patient?

▽Smoking is a Pain of Family = The family have the smoke of 25% by indirect smoking and they are in danger of suffering from the disease. Also, a scene of parents’ smoking makes their children exposed to an attraction of smoking. If a lung cancer is taken owing to the smoking, a severe anguish of all families is accompanied. If you love your family, why don’t you give up smoking right now?