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Glorify a New Team In a New Year

Posted December. 31, 2002 23:08,   


‘Kangaroo Shooter’, Cho Sung-won, LG Sakers was traded with ‘Mantis Shooter’, Kim Young-man, SK Knights.

LG and SK succeeded in trading Cho Sung-won and Kim Young-man with each other on December 31, 2002.

While Cho Sung-won joined Hyundai(now KCC), Hyundai won a championship twice at the season 97~98 and 98~99. Cho played a key role in Hyundai’s winning championship at that time. After that he was transferred LG in August, 2000 and was selected MVP. Cho is good at tremendous three-point shots and quick attacks.

Kim Young-man also played a leading part in Kia(now Movis)’s winning championship at 97’ season. Kim is famous for precise outer shots and tenacious defenses and he was traded to SK Knights at the beginning of this season. Kim, who graduated from Masan High School, which is situated near Changwon, the city LG Sakers’s headquarters are, will meet Kang Done-hee again in the team. They played together for six seasons.

The trade between Cho Sung-won and Kim Young-man was suggested by SK in November, 2002. Kim Young-man’s play didn’t go well with Hwang Sung-in playing as a point guard and his position was overlapped with Lee Han-kwan(1.98m) and Kim Jong-hak(1.98m), who play as a tall forward. Therefore SK did poorly at the season. At first, SK Knights suggested trading 2 persons with 2 persons including other two players of both team as well as Cho and Kim. But LG wanted to trade 3 persons with 3 persons including Im Jae-hyun, who serves in the army. So the trade seemed to vanish.

However, both Cho and Kim asked their team to transfer them steadily and both teams need to change their team colors. Finally, the trade was accomplished. LG wanted Kim Young-man(1.93m) instead of Cho Sung-won(1.80m) because it must be ready for the play off, at which it matches with TG, Dongyang and Samsung, which have tall players. And LG has another reason that there are many Chungang Univ. Graduates including Kang Dong-hee, Pyo Pil-sang and Cho Woo-hyun in the team.

Kim Tae-hwan, LG Manager said, “By taking Kim Young-man, our team can strengthen defense line.”

On the other hand, Cho In-sun, SK Knights manager expressed his wish, “Cho Sung-won is expected to lead swift plays and prevent overlapping the position.”

Can the trade be a ‘win win trade’ as the both team manager want? Park Je-young, KBS commentator, said, “Through this trade, SK Knights can strengthen attack and LG gets the superiority of the players’ heights. But SK’s guard line has got so lower. And LG, which is taking the lead, is likely to have disharmony between Kim Young-man and mercenaries during the play and SK may worry about loose defenses.

After the trade announced, Cho Sung-won and Kim Young-man joined their new teams. They will play for their new teams from New Year’s Day of 2003.

Jong-Seok Kim kjs0123@donga.com