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US Deploys Troops and Bombers in Gulf Area

Posted December. 31, 2002 23:05,   


With the beginning of this year, the United States is sizing up its preparations for war on Iraq. The Bush administration has deployed a huge number of ground troops and the army aircraft to the Middle East. Iraq, in response, is criticizing the United States that it is employing a double standard, and treats Iraq and North differently.

▽ War preparations = AP and AFP, citing a US senior official of the Defense Department, reported on December 30, "The United States will embark on a large-scale military buildup in the Gulf area with the beginning of next year. It is expected to newly deploy to the region thousands of troops, along with bombers and fighters. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has approved of this plan." Accordingly, the US Air Force was ordered to move to the Gulf area the F-15 fighters and B-1 bombers, teamed up with the search and rescue teams. The Navy will deploy 2 aircraft carrier fleets to the region.

Currently, some 62,000 US troops including 12,000 stationed in Kuwait are deployed in the region and it would take only about 2-3 weeks to deploy necessary ground troops, the US Defense Department confirms.

▽ Iraq`s criticism of double standard = On Sunday, Iraq accused the United States of its double standard. It argues that the Bush administration is beefing up its military power in the Gulf area in preparation for a war, while seeking a diplomatic solution of the crisis caused by North`s nuclear threat.

The state-run newspaper Al Saura contended that Iraq has been treated unfairly. Although Iraq is cooperating with the IAEA inspection team, argues the paper, the Bush administration threatens a war in the region, whereas it is seeking a peaceful solution with North Korea even though North has expelled the inspectors.

The newspaper asked back, "Iraq has been fully cooperating with the US inspection team. Nonetheless, the United States and Britain are continuously threatening us. Is it because Iraq is an Arabic country or an oil-producer, or because of the influence of the lobby by the Zionists in the administration?"

▽ Disclosure by The Washington Post = The Washington Post disclosed on December 30, "In 1983 when Iraq, in violation of the international convention ordinarily, used the chemical weapons, Rumself as envoy visited Sadam Hussein and laid down the foundations for diplomatic normalization between the two countries." It also alleged, "The United States government under the approval of former President Ronald Reagan and George Bush sold to Iraq various weapons of mass destruction including anthrax virus."

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