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Gwanghwamun and Numbers

Posted December. 30, 2002 22:24,   


▽240= The maximum waste per day during World Cup period was 240t and it mobilized 260 workers for cleaning. 5~7t of waste per day accumulated near Gwanghwamun, and 30 workers were mobilized.

▽50,000= Candlelight vigils to mourn the two Korean teenage girls crushed to death by a U.S. military vehicle was carried out from 30th of November till 28th of December, for a total of 29 times. On 14th December, there were maximum people, like 50,000 lighted up 50,000 candles. The brightness of candle was similar to the light of 257 glow lamps of 60W each, lit up simultaneously.

▽6 million= people gathered in front of Gwanghwamun in one year are estimated to be more than 6 million. 360 million during World cup and 200, 000 people gathered up for candlelight vigils. If 800,000 people gather up like World cup in Sejongro and Gwanghwamun, whose space reached nearly 142,000㎡, one person would occupy only 18cm square.

▽80 million=Suppose 800,000 people jumped in the air, averaging 20cm height (calculated by body weight of 50kg ) due to happiness, when Hong Myung-bo succeeded in scoring the last penalty kick in World cup against Spain, shock amount is estimated to be 80 million N.S (unit of shock amount). This is the shock when 3,000 trucks of 1t hit wall by 100km/h simultaneously. And if all of them shout together, it is coincident with the sound (120dB) that a person feels while looking at the landing of an airplane 100m away.

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