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2D, 3D Combined for Gentler Images of SF Animation

Posted December. 26, 2002 22:40,   


˝It`s a 5D animation that combines 2D with 3D. It`s very sophisticated,˝ said jokingly Ron Clements and John Musker, co-directors of Disney`s Treasure Planet, during an interview at Disney Animation Studio in Los Angels.

They are a block buster duo who directed Disney`s 1989 hit `Little Mermaid.` Such hits as `Aladdin (1992)` and `Hercules (1997)` were also produced under their direction.

It was 17 years ago when the idea of `Treasure Planet` was first conceived. They had to put the idea into shelves, however, because they “lacked sophisticated technology that can describe outer space in a vivid and realistic way,” the duo said.

The production team first drew the characters of the movie in a 2D animation technique and gave them life with a 3D technique. ˝We wanted to deliver sentiment that is new and different to the audience by combining the old and the new,˝ said Clements.

˝Images of 3D animation carry some kind of coldness, so the audience finds it hard to feel what the characters feel. There is a certain distance. On the other hand, 2D feels warm but still looks little incomplete. That`s why we decided to combine the two to make a SF animation that has human touch.˝

˝We created Solar Board, a device reminding people of extreme sports, to appeal to present-time audience, but time in the movie carries little significance. We believe a good story has an enduring influence on people that transcends the boundary of time,˝ they also said.