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“Inefficient Double Major System ”

Posted December. 25, 2002 22:52,   


Dual major system that was introduced in order to provide an opportunity to study various academic fields and various opportunities for jobs to non popular faculty students is not welcomed by companies, raising questions of its efficiency.

Universities` students are increasingly undertaking dual majors to brace for unemployment crisis, however, most of the firms ignore the second major or only admit it as qualification for submitting application to firms.

In addition, universities are carelessly managing students` school affairs that undertake dual majors, but experts point out that it is hard to study even one major.

▽ Cold treatment by firms = In case of undertaking two majors, students obtain two major degrees differently from sub major, however, actual job field has different stance. Following job situation of single majored students and double majored students in recent three years at a private university in Seoul, employment of double degreed students is 24% lower than single majored students.

Director of personnel in S group said, “jobs that have limitation of faculties select considering the first major and the second major is just a reference.”

Director in personnel dept. of D group said, too, “ double major applicants are increasing nowadays, however, we weigh the first major during actual recruitment naturally.”

Mr. Du (27) who is scheduled to graduate in February next year said, “I selected dual major since I thought it would be help in taking a job, however, it is a rare success to get job among dual majors.”

In deed, as a result of open recruitment in December by D group, less than 5% of dual majored students among 200 new employee got advantage.

▽ Careless management of academic affairs = It is indicated that careless management of academic affairs is one of the main reason why dual degree system is not admitted in job field.

Many universities give degree if students complete 40~60 score in any one of the majors or deleting necessary subjects in order to obtain double degree.

Therefore, students avoid high course that the third and the fourth grade study and obtain marks on the basis of basic subjects in the first, second grade.

If it is popular faculty that most of dual majored students take, some universities give degree without receiving thesis for graduation under the excuse of difficulty in managing school affairs.

Professor Lee Jun-sik (48. faculty of Chinese) in SungKyunKwan university, criticized, saying, “if poor dual major system gets expanded continuously, students may fail to cultivate deep academic background that is needed in society and enterprises, as well as basic subjects like descriptive subjects would be threatened ” and “we need close discussion and supplement for dual major system.”

▽What is double major system = It is system that provides opportunity for studying two majors to students who want to study various subjects or who are not compatible in their major which they selected in the beginning. Most of universities have induced it with faculty system since 1996.

Universities have different ways of management, but usually, they confer another degree if they complete 40~60 score with the first major that should be completed with 130~140 score.

Some universities confer a degree of double major in the fifth year after students study one year more in the second major field, after graduating four years in university, but many universities reduce total marks so that students can get two degrees in four years.

Jin-Suk Huh jameshuh@donga.com