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“Unmatchable Height” of Kim Ju-sung

Posted December. 25, 2002 22:53,   


Frequent changes of the top place continue.

`Big fight in Christmas` of anycall pro basketball championship, 2002~2003, was held on 25th. LG Sakers that was the leading top team conceded defeat but joint runners up, TG Xers and Donyang Orions, won therefore these three teams have reached the top position altogether.

In Changwon, TG won from LG by 101-92. LG got defeated three times successively by TG in three rounds this season.

LG was leading 34-27 in the first quarter, however it was overthrown by TG`s `height` in second quarter, due to only one ACE player. 2m5cm, Kim Ju-sung (23 points 7 rebound 3 catch) made 12 points 5 rebounds in second quarter, keeping the ring and TG won the first-half by 55-49.

Jo Woo-hyun (23 points, five 3 point shots) of LG succeeded in scoring several shots of three points in the third quarter and chased TG, making it 74-75, however, it allowed successive two shots of three points by David Jackson (18 score) and Yang Gyong-min (30 score) of TG, making big gap.

Dongyang defeated Samsung Thunders by 85-71 and came up at the top in 20 days.

Victory of Dongyang is victory of defense. Dongyang defended Samsung by man to man marking. Samsung timed out two times by entire defense of Dongyang and Seo Jang-hun (26 points 8 rebound) missed ball two times by Kim Byung-cheol (24 points 4 catch). Kim Byung-cheol surpassed 300 catches (total 303) as the eighth player (sixth among Korean players).

John Washenberg, who played a big role in 2000~2001 season (the then Sambo), played for SK nights for the first time and scored 23 points. SK defeated Mobis Automons by 100-85. Hwang Sung-in of SK Knights recorded 16 assistances that is the highest number this season and Mobis got defeated three times successively.

Korea tender Pureumi managed to keep the fourth grade defeating SK Bigs by 79-75 and Erick Ibertz (34 points) played an important role for the team. KCC aegis escaped the last, defeating SBS stars by 79-76 adversely.

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