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Fire at the House of late Sir. Haegong, 63 Years Old, Grandson Dies

Fire at the House of late Sir. Haegong, 63 Years Old, Grandson Dies

Posted December. 24, 2002 22:57,   


Grandson of the late Haegong Shin Ik-hee (1892~1956) died because the house of Sir Haegong, in which he was staying, caught fire. He died while rescuing his father. When the house caught fire, he and his father were performing the last rites of his mother, who passed away last month,

Fire, whose causes haven’t been known yet, broke out in the house of Sir Haegong, Seoha-ri, chowol-myun, Gwangju-city, Gyeonggi province on 24th morning, 5:00a.m, killing Mr. Bokyoung (63. Sanbondong, Gunpo city, Gyeonggi, 63) and burning 30 pyeong of main room in the house (wooden house), which was appointed as substantial reminder of Gyeonggi province no. 134.

Mr. Bokyoung escaped right after the fire with his wife (63), but he went inside again to rescue his father Mr. Changhyun (88) who was sleeping in a small room. Mr. Bokyoung died due to suffocation but Mr. Changhyun was rescued through the back gate.

Mr. Hakyoung (57. Banpodong, Seochogu, Seoul), brother of Mr. Bokyoung said, “He was staying in the house in order to provide mourning food to mother, who passed away last month, in the morning and evening.” And added “He was a faithful son caring about parents a lot.”

Parents of Mr. Bokyoung had stayed in the house of Sir. Haegong and as the mother (86) passed away on 25th last month, five brothers and sisters besides the eldest son Mr. Bokyoung used to stay in the house one by one for days to take care of mother’s mourning rites.

Mr. Bokyoung had retired from Korea Resources Corporation as Managing Director in dept. of planning five years ago and the second son, Mr. Hakyoung is working as a director in a private firm. The police are investigating the exact causes for fire, considering the probable cause to be short-circuit.

The house that was built in 1968 having main room and detached living room was appointed as substantial reminder of Gyeonggi province. Articles left by the departed are being kept in the detached living room such as woodcut, old books, and paintings (written by the late Sir Haegong).

Sir Haegong was vice-chief in Ministry of home affairs ministry in temporary government in Shanghai and chairman of National Assembly after establishment of Korean government. He died of cerebral hemorrhage during electoral campaign when he was running for presidential elections from Democratic Party 1956.

Currently, Mr. Changhyun and Dukhyun(72) are the survivors among 3 sons and 4 daughters of Sir. Haegong.

Mr. Bokyoung was laid in Gwangju funeral cemetry. 031-764-0922