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‘Love Letter’ that a Sister Sends To Readers

Posted December. 24, 2002 23:01,   


Sister Lee hae-in (57) published new anthology ‘Little Comfort’ (yeolimwon). It has been three years since she published the last one.

“I wrote poems while arranging things in bed room last summer after a long time. I published such poems with essay poems. I hope that these poems are like postcards, which can comfort people.”

Her voice on telephone was clear and bright. She said that one of her senior sister’s words, ‘Little comfort is the most important and required’ were always left like a will giving the deepest impression.

‘I cried alone /seeing pink color flower /that fell down in yard// I look up the heaven/ as I don’t know how to comfort/ fallen flowers// Please, Love /poor people/ who have beautiful sin’ (Little Comfort)

Her poem is prayer, which we memorize in the morning and evening, to comfort torn hearts and give water to thirsty people as well as building a ‘bridge of peace’. ‘Poems are the window to understand people and to look at the world for me. And it was beautiful letters that connect all relationship.’

“God gave me a prayer role. I wanted to become a little angel to give happiness and peace to the world. I feel poems play a role of angel without feet.”

To sister Hae-in, life itself and each person is a poem. Poem is like a ‘witness’ who watches her life. Common things like washing clothes when she is gloomy and writing letters with paintings to lonely and isolated neighbors.

‘I /want to become/ angel of letter/ who delivers love/ with wings’ (road to post office)

‘Wash clothes /if you are gloomy. Heart becomes bright/ if you hear/ song of clean water’ (Wash Clothes)

In this anthology, we can meet psalms that have sister Hae-in’s thoughts, buried sorrow and death of a close person.

‘Whenever I hear about death, I hear the sound of my advancing death, too.’(Obituary Notice)

‘Is it the sorrow /that brings up the sorrow/ … I become brave and can smile walking on the road’ (After Writing Elegy)

Sister Haein who says, “I am busy preparing for Christmas.” puts pictures that shares times with her in her writing room. Christmas trees and socks that she painted smile brightly.