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Black Korean Descendant, Heinz Word Becomes NFL All Star

Black Korean Descendant, Heinz Word Becomes NFL All Star

Posted December. 20, 2002 22:35,   


Becoming player of NFL (National Football League) being a Korean-American was like an impossible dream. But he became all star of NFL this time. Dream Stage, He will play in ‘pro ball’ along with star of stars.

‘Black pearl’ Heinz Word (26. Pittsburgh Steelers. Photo) is a half Korean. He got selected as wide receiver that will represent AFC (American Conference) in 2003 Pro ball player list, which will be announced on 20th.

Proball is an ‘All star NFL playoffs’ in which AFC and NFC team will play each other.

In particular, unlike American football major league or NBA, which selects player on the basis of fans votes, it considers opinion from fans, team coach and players equally; therefore, players in Proball are the best stars who have ability as well as popularity.

Word passed ‘needle hole’ that selects only four wide receivers from 130 players in AFC and will join the best American football festival which will be held on 3rd in February next year at Honolulu, Hawaii.

Chief of Daegue American football association, Park Gyeong-gyu (professor in Gyeongbuk Univ) said, “Playing in NFL itself is great. Moreover, being selected in Proball winning numerous wide receivers at conference of 16 teams is the highest honor.”

The reason why Word got selected is because of his high ability. In Georgia University, Word became popular when he ran 1,000 yards as the first player in American university football history and became ACE in Pittsburgh since 1999, being second year in team. He is enjoying his heyday this year. This year is the fifth season in pro team.

He, despite of injury in his thigh this season, succeeded in eleven touch down at the conference, which is the second highest amount among wide receivers, and is top third in number of passes and running distance.

Pittsburgh is at the top (8 won, 1 draw, 5 lost) among the Northern district because of Word’s good play and is leaving two games, therefore, it is nearly confirmed that it would join Playoff.

Word has a good physique like 1m85, tall and 88kg weight. He is a half Korean. He was born by black soldier, Word Junior, who stayed in Korea and mother and Korean Kim Young-hee (53). He went to America; however, he has been brought up by his mother since young because his father left the family. Word serves his mother earnestly, in and out of the ground.

Jong-Koo Yang yjongk@donga.com