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[Editorial] Although Joint TV Debates Come to An End.

Posted December. 16, 2002 22:20,   


With the completion of the third round of TV debates among three major presidential candidates, Lee Hoi-chang, Roh Moo-hyun, and Kwan young-gil, only two days are left before the first presidential election in the new millennium. There is no time to lose for undecided voters to hesitate to determine their choice. It is time for them to choose a relatively better candidate if they have a particular candidate in mind. For voters who have already decided their minds, it is time to examine whether their decisions are made on sound and thorough scrutinizes not to regret in the future.

It might be helpful to think carefully if they have any troubles in accepting hasty and ill-prepared election pledges made by those candidates to woo voters. Voters should consider that to deliver those pledges, how much money might be spent down the road. That means a sharp increase in taxes that voters should pay. And if voters are confused with the flood of counter-accusations among candidates, they should gauge if those candidates are too generous toward themselves but harsh toward their rivals. With all those examinations conducted, they are still in confusion on their decisions: it might be effective to take the following assumptions into account.

In case of holding summit meetings with the leaders of the surrounding four powers, George Bush of the U.S., Jiang Zemin of China , Putin of Russia, and Koizumi Junichiro of Japan, which candidate will voice his opinion in a most dignified manner. If there is a meeting with Kim Jung-il, chairman of the North Korean Defense Committee, who will be more persuasive. And in the next five years, under the market economic system, who will become the most competent CEO of the corporate Korea.

On top of that, which candidate is the most appropriate as a man of integrity who can wield a sword of fighting corruption and will become the most charismatic leader who can implement reforms of old politics in Korea. And which candidate can address various kinds of social conflicts with the lowest social costs and will deliver his election promises after he takes power. In addition, integrity and morality of candidates` close aides and relatives should be included in the criteria of determining a candidate who voters will cast their ballots for.

Above all, voters should make up their minds based on a sound and sensible judgment, staying away from groundless rumors and individual bias. Only when doing so, voters can choose a right person to lead the nation effectively in the next five years and help open a new chapter in the Korean history.