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Creating Coalition Government after Coming to Power

Posted December. 12, 2002 22:27,   


The presidential candidate of the pro-government Millennium Democratic party (MDP), Roh Moo-hyun and Chung Mong-joon of National Alliance 21 on Dec.12 reached an agreement that the two parties would form a coalition government after winning the presidential election. Therefore, the political alliance between Roh and Chung is likely to gain momentum as the two sides decided to discuss a plan to create a coalition government and detailed plans for joint campaigning at a contact and make public their plans in the form of a statement.

The two parties also adopted a campaign pledge in which the government will stop aid to the North in cash if the North does not dispel suspicion of its nuclear development.

During the stumping in Gangneung, Gnagweong province, around noon on that day, Roh called Chung and asked for his cooperation, and Chung replied that a lot of people in his party asked him to help Roh, hinting at his acceptance the proposed contact, according to Hong Yun-oh of National Alliance 21.

According to officials of the two parties, Roh conveyed his willingness to run a collation government saying to Chung, "You should help me after I comes to power." After the proposed meeting is held, Chung is reported to have decided to do the stumping in earnest to support Roh.

Meanwhile, Im Chae-jeong of the MDP and Jeon Seong-cheol of National Alliance 21 held a ceremony in which they signed a statement. The statement contains conclusion of a peace treaty to end the war on the Korean Peninsula, revision of the Status of Forces Agreement governing the legal status of 37,000 US troops stationed here to the level of the agreements with Japan or NATO, and a provision to decide the jurisdiction of American suspects when an incident occurs in the line of official duty considering the character and scope of the incident.

Among the items on which the two parties agreed, the MDP made concessions on suspension of cash aid to the North until the suspicions of its nuclear development is cleared; presentation of a revision of the Constitution to give more power to the prime minister in 2004 and effectuation of the revised Constitution in 2008; abolition of the National Intelligence Service and neutral economic policy toward conglomerates.

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