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Tears of Sad Daejun Players

Posted December. 12, 2002 22:31,   


When the whistle was blown, signaling the end of the game, Daejun Citizens would not move on the ground in disappointment. "We should`ve won it. That was the only way to resuscitate our team…"

It was the semifinal of the FA Cup held in Sekuipo World Cup Stadium yesterday. Daejun, which had been put in a sink-or-swim situation due to the financial crisis, allowed a goal to Suwon at 80`, losing the game to Suwon. Thus, Deajun`s storming performance came to an end.

In the K League this year, Daejun hit the bottom. Worse for the team, Kyeryong Construction, Inc., the owner-company of the team, was trying to sell it due to the financial crisis. Players have not been paid for three months. Then, the players thought that winning the FA Cup was the only way to resuscitate their team, throwing themselves to the cause.

Daejun`s star players, most of whom were suffering from various injuries, would not spare themselves. For example, Kim Eun-jung and Lee Kwan-woo had been hospitalized for the flu. But they pulled themselves up and participated in the game. Goalkeeper Choi Eun-sung played only after taking an I.V. for exhaustion.

Citizens demonstrated what persistence and spirits mean. Daejun`s defense line, centered around Kim Young-gun, almost succeeded in heading off Suwon`s attack. In the meanwhile, Kim Eun-jung and Gong Oh-gyun threatened their opponents. But all collapsed at Suh Chong-won single shot. But Citizens could not accept it as fair. KBS commentator Lee Yong-soo, who watched the game, said, "It was an offside. Therefore, the goal is not valid." Daejun`s coach Lee Tae-ho also appealed to no avail.

Leaving the ground, coach Lee shed tears. Lee, going into the locker room, said, "They played hard. It`s disappointing. Now, I don`t know what to do."

On the other hand, Suwon, with the game-winning goal of Sus Chong-won, advanced to the final for the first time since 1996.

Suwon`s Lee Ki-hyung made a shooting in the right corner of the box. When the ball got bounded off, Cho Byung-gook passed it back to Suh, who shot it into the net, winning the victory for his team.

Jong-Koo Yang yjongk@donga.com