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Golden Glove of ‘Chairman’

Posted December. 11, 2002 22:35,   


“I will give him a grade of 90 points. ”

Ms. Song Hae-in (34), who is wife of Hanhwa Song Jin-woo (36. photo) ‘ever green ’ didn’t hesitate to give high marks to her husband.

“I don’t know about baseball much, but he seems to have stronger self control. He isn’t swept by surroundings and is diligent. I respect him despite him being my husband. ”

Evaluation of wife Jung who has been watching him for 10 years is nearly the same what pro baseball field watches of Song Jin-woo. It is not easy to hear of a player, “he is always consistent.” However, Song Jin-woo has been consistent for 14 years since 1989, his debut year till this season. Power of ball, bowling form, strong desire for victory….

He hasn’t had any injury yet. No, it could be right to say that he didn’t make injury instead of not having injury. Song Jin-woo is of the opinion that “ a player can control injury. ” He becomes thoroughly professional on ground. While stretching and pitching, he concentrates on his mind. Therefore, injury can’t come to him.

He asks in return, “I think digesting exercise faithfully and loving baseball is important. Love for baseball. Isn’t it better to play happily than to play with complaint?”

Song Jin-woo who never missed any season due to injury for 14 years has achieved 162 victories (113 defeats). He surpassed Sun Dong-ryeol (146 victories) this year, which had made the highest record for victories till last year. In addition, he is making record for the best pitching inning by bowling 2/3 of an inning and 2250 balls. The highest record of victory and pitching in an inning is the ‘badge’ that he obtained by entire managing body and due to his ability.

He has been one of the best bowlers in baseball for more than 10 years; however, he hasn’t received golden glove or MVP trophy, ironically. He swept king of victory (19 wins) and saved (17 saves) simultaneously, for the first time in baseball history 1992, however, he was pushed by new player Yeon Jong-suk who led Lotte to victory in Korean season. He explained, “I didn’t have relation with prize as I used to make constant mark than shining one time. ”

Song Jin-woo received golden glove for the first time in his life. Song Jin-woo spent significant years breaking records for the maximum wins and being top second in victories (18 wins) despite being 36 years old this year. He smiled brightly, saying, “I wanted to receive golden glove which is given to the best bowler. It is the best honor for me personally. ”

Sang-Soo Kim ssoo@donga.com