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Big Scale Demonstration in Iran Saying “Down with Dictatorship”

Big Scale Demonstration in Iran Saying “Down with Dictatorship”

Posted December. 08, 2002 22:23,   


Facing the Students` Day in Iran on the 7th, a big scale student demonstration saying “Down with Dictatorship” was broken out, and in Saudi Arabia, a rebel organization aired broadcasting for the first time, so the Middle East is shaking.

Around 3,000 Iranian college students gathered in the Teheran University campus, and broke out a demonstration urging the objection to the death penalty for the reformist professor Hassem Aghazari, who got sentenced to death while urging the reform of the Muslim ministers` society. The demonstrating students urged the dismissal of the Leader of the Judicature and a national referendum shouting “Death to Dictatorship.”

Since the students, who were permitted to have demonstration inside the campus, tried to insist the public to join the demonstration, to go outside the campus, and to open a stone-throwing war, the police forced the demonstrators to break-up and arrested around 70 people on the spot.

In the meantime, a Saudi rebel organization called MIRA, which based in London, started to air its first broadcasting for the Arabian Peninsular from a certain place in Europe. The ‘Voice of Reform’ Broadcasting Station, which MIRA founded, airs the Arabic language broadcasting for 24 hours day through a satellite, and it also airs the short wave radio broadcasting for 2 hours everyday. The spokesman of MIRA, Sahad Al Paki said, “A rebel organization can talk to the Saudi people directly for the first time.”