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80% Rat Genes are Similar to Human being

Posted December. 05, 2002 22:36,   


Genome analysis states that rats and human beings share 80% of genes.

Co-research team of six nations such as U.K Sanger research, U.S white head research, etc disclosed genome map draft which decoded 95% of genome base of rat in science magazine `Nature` on 5th.

According to this, rat has 30,000 genes just like human beings and 80% of them are similar to human beings. Also 99% genes of human beings and rats are similar gene and only 300 genes of rat were unique.

Jane Rogers of Sanger research said, “ even human beings has genes to develop tail like rat ” and in case of human beings, tail genes isn`t revealed.

In this research, human beings and rats are sharing 80% of genes related to diseases. 1,200 genes of human beings have been discovered.

Robert Winston, Professor of Imperial College in London, said, “we can anticipate significant development in medical field by studying genes of rats. ”

Human beings and rats have been going through different evolution since 75 million years ago, just before dinosaur was destroyed among the mammals including rat. Rat has 20 chromosomes couples and 25 billion base couples, however, human being has 23 chromosome couples and 29 billion base couples, recorded in genetic information.