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Japan To Send AEGIS for Iraq War

Posted December. 03, 2002 22:59,   


Japanese government decided to send AEGIS, up-to-date destroyer, which belongs to Maritime Self-Defense Force and is under finalization with the ruling party, delivered Nikkei Net on 3rd.

Some of Gongmyung Party and Jamin Party that are the joint ruling parties and has rejected it, concerning that sending highly efficient AEGIS, which is related to the right of collective self-defense, is prohibited in constitution.

However, U.S strongly requested Japan to send AEGIS for attacking Iraq at U.S and Japan meeting of defense ministers on 16th last month, and alternation of convoy which is sent to Indian ocean is coming near, therefore, it confirmed to send AEGIS in December, delivered the newspaper.

In Japan, there is strong opinion that it should support military force at any cost as Japan didn’t send volunteer force to Gulf war in 1991, which caused U.S. concern.

Japan legislated ‘special measurement law against terrorism’ last year before U.S attacked Afghanistan and has sent three destroyer and two supply ships to Indian Ocean.

It has high technology radar device and is equipped with excellent skill for collecting information as well as defending attacks. Tracking radar of semi diameter reaches hundreds of kms and can detect more than 200 targets such as airplanes, missiles, etc. Also it can attack more than ten targets at once by one missile and it is equivalent to 4~5 general destroyers. U.S. navy has 60 vessels, Japan maritime defense has four and Spain has one.